Single Treatment (1 Session)

5 to 15 shade Lighter . Same day treatment Fast, Easy, affordable and Painless I5 Mins


Double Treatment (2 Sessions)

Good introduction to in-office teeth whitening for younger teens or nervous first timers. Super fast and easy with immediate results.
30 mins


Triple Treatment (3 Sessions)

Choose this option for the most dramatic and longest lasting results, as good or better than anywhere else. The process is completed three times during one appointment.
45 mins


Quad Treatment (4 Sessions)

This process is for those who want really dramatic whiter pearly white smile and longest lasting results ,specially if you drink coffee, wine, sodas, smoke , yellow teeth.
60 mins


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I hope that this FAQ section helps you in answering what I feel are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our lip blushing services. If you have further questions not answered in this section, I invite you to contact us at

No, the American Dental Association (ADA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have approved the use of peroxide for over-the-counter use. Our customers perform the teeth whitening (sometimes called teeth bleaching) procedure on themselves.

Since our products are all self-administered, either by the chairside method or by our take home products, it is no different procedurally from what they can perform on their own. We are there to guide them and verbally assist them during the chairside procedure, but we never touch their mouths or teeth, we never give dental advice, and we never represent ourselves as dentists. We do recommend that our customers visit their dentist regularly and if they do not, we will advise them not to whiten their teeth until they have done so.

Joblushh currently has two methods to whiten teeth. First is our chairside light-accelerated power bleaching system. This method uses our proprietary photosensitive hydrogen peroxide gel, our signature paint-on technique and our Infinity Series Accelerator Lights, which allow us to complete a whitening in as little as 15 minutes with an average shade change of 5-7 shades as measured on a standard dental shade guide.

The second method we have to offer is our LifeWhite Take Home Kits. These use our proprietary carbamide peroxide gels, offered in an extra strength concentration, and they also come with 3 boil and bite, at home trays, along with complete instructions so that the customer can whiten their teeth at their leisure at home.

The kits are offered in a 1-hour per day for up to 10 days treatment regimen with the extra strength gel. This modality results in an average color change of 8 or more shades whiter and differ only in the amount of time used each day and the amount of gel that is included with each kit. The gel in the LifeWhite Take Home Kits has a shelf life of up to two years when kept refrigerated.

In the chairside treatment, the client is first given a teeth-cleaning swab that they use to remove any plaque from the surface of their teeth. The beginning shade is measured and agreed upon with the use of a mirror and dental shade guide. Then, the client inserts a mouth prop and cheek retractor in their mouth. Using the gel syringe, a tiny BB-sized droplet of gel is placed by the client on each of their teeth that are to be whitened. The client distributes the the whitening gel on each tooth with a fine tipped micro brush. The client then relaxes fully against the head rest of the chair and the light is positioned correctly and activated. The client relaxes in the chair with the light on for 15 minutes, at which time the light automatically goes off, the client then rinse their mouth with water.

Double Session – If a second 15-minute session is to be done, the client Swishes and rinses then reapplies fresh gel to their teeth and the process is repeated. After final mouth rinsing, the ending shade is agreed upon and the whitening treatment is complete. Lastly, the client is given post treatment instructions both verbally and written, and the client takes home written post-treatment instructions and recommendations.

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening is the #1 requested treatment procedure in a dental office, and is second only to hair treatments in the beauty world. More people than you might imagine have their teeth whitened. A nice bright, white smile can make a big difference in the way a person feels about themselves, and can help boost confidence in almost any social setting.

The chairside teeth whitening treatment process, takes a minimum of about a half hour from start to finish to do a single treatment, and about 50 minutes total time to do a double teeth whitening session. That includes initial paperwork, pre-treatment prep, and post-treatment finishing and instruction. So, in less than an hour maximum, one can have a whiter smile.

With the take home products, daily teeth whitening treatments are either a half-hour or one hour, depending on which kit is purchased. Then, the time to complete the teeth whitening regimen is from 5-10 days total, depending on the starting shade of the teeth and on the ending level of whiteness that the client desires.