Our goal is to provide the highest quality of services to every client.  Due to the exclusive services that we offer, we have enacted policies to ensure on time scheduling convenience for all clients. Each client will be provided one on one attention, we ensure clients receive the industry’s highest quality services in a relaxed environment. Thank you in advance for your understanding.


Consultations are mandatory in our studio because, important information is discuss to find the right treatment that suits you, or to find any complications that may interfere with the procedure. We also discuss your goals and ensure that you are the right candidate for the treatment. If you choose not to attend to the consultation, during your appointment there may be complications or reasons why you don’t want to proceed in that case your scheduling fee will be forfeit for the blocked slot.


If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, Joblushh Studio reserves the right to consider you a no-show. Joblushh will not be held responsible for your late arrival. Due to the nature of business at Joblushh , we will not rush a procedure or run the next client late due to untimely arrivals. You may have to reschedule all or part of your original appointment.

All appointments scheduled must be rescheduled or cancelled with no less than 48 hour notice prior to the original scheduled appointment time -OR- should you schedule an appointment within the 48 hours, you will not be able to change, cancel or reschedule that appointment time. Should you cancel, no-show, or be more than 15 minutes late, your scheduling fee will be forfeited or can be transferred to a future service booked within 2 months if rescheduling or cancelation occurred within the 48 hr window. After 2 months the deposit will be forfeited.

Thereafter, Joblushh Studio may require payment in full for future services prior to any scheduling. Should you cancel, no-show or be more than 15 minutes late with a pre-paid procedure scheduled, you will forfeit Scheduling fee per prepaid procedure scheduled. reserves the right to discontinue scheduling clients with chronic scheduling difficulties. NOTE: If your appointment is for a follow up visit, you will forfeit the scheduling fee for the wasted appointment time, follow up rates will no longer apply. Ongoing procedures will continue at color refresher rates. If an appointment was scheduled without a deposit and this appointment is rescheduled or canceled within the 48 hr window , a cancellation fee will be applied and client will not be able to book future services till the fee has been paid in full.


Patch testing is optional but highly recommended. However, in some cases it is required. Patch testing is done at the consultation. Only for clients who really are allergy to something.


Should it be decided that any client cannot continue a procedure, due to too much movement, any safety related issues, personal tolerance or any other reason, once the procedure has been started, it will then be considered completed. Said procedure will not be rescheduled and payment is due in full. The Permanent Make-Up 6- 8 week follow up will not be available for incomplete procedures. To reschedule and complete procedure will require the current full list price for that procedure, unless other arrangements are made and agreed.


Will send courtesy text confirmation including confirmation of scheduling fee paid, date, day and time of your appointment. All appointments are considered confirmed at the time an appointment has been made. However, it is your responsibility to make certain has the proper contact information for you. For all scheduling, making or changing appointments, please do so via text messaging only please.To book an appointment it is mandatory to pay HALF OF THE PROCEDURES to block the available slot, the remain will be paid the day of the appointment. If deposit is not made your appointment will not be scheduled and will be open for others to book.


Due to the nature of business at Joblushh Studio , children under the age of 18 and pets will not be permitted on the premises for any reason. Should you bring children under 18 or pets, you will be required to cancel and reschedule. Refer to LATE ARRIVALS, CANCELLATIONS AND NO-SHOWS for more details about charges and scheduling/rescheduling. You will forfeit scheduling fees paid for the rescheduling. Please make proper accommodations for children and schedule accordingly. Exemption: Animals trained expressly for the assistance under the Americans with Disability Act to conform to the State of Texas regulations.